Last Argosy


This is the first project generated for the Last Argosy and concentrates on the first slide archive of Edward Rigg. The archive provides insights into Edward's career in the RAF and his passion for flying. The design process has been an interesting experience, in the first instance the vast amount of slides had to by viewed and edited selections made which would give an appropriate insight into the life of Edward. Slides were scanned on a flat bed scanner with a view to re scanning at a higher resolution later in the design process. Time is of the essence with this particular archive because it is on short term loan. I have used the design process to generate minimal iconography and typography to compliment the slide compositions. The design process is still undergoing refinement and i will reflect and amend the work in due course. The first archive is nearing completion and i have experimented with a variety of formats with a view to exhibiting in 2016.

gutersloch 72 dpi