Last Argosy


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The Storybook

I often retell the stories told to me by Edward and add my own interpretation of events, occurrences and consequences. In response to this process of listening to Edward recount his life and times with the help of visual stimuli. Throughout the research I have been developing the ‘story box’ made from a re-purposed WW2 siren case. The storybox will be my personal homage to our shared experiences and will prompt my own failing memory to retrieve and retell the stories and times spent with Edward. This will only be considered a finished body of work at the end of the research period. The role and content of the box has developed from my original intentions and now will contain the most personal, memorable and contentious stories, depicted as more abstract, less literal compositions printed onto glass slides. This was a response to not wishing to publish some of the more sensitive personal stories I have been entrusted with. 

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