Last Argosy

Edward Rigg Slide Archive 1947- 67

slides in box2

The slide archive was the first archive to be transcribed into the graphic design format. The archive consists of 35mm colour glass and celluloid slides housed in five large handmade wooden boxes made by Edward, the archive is well ordered and documented with two logbooks. The slides cover Edward leaving school and joining the RAF in 1944 just before the end of the Second World War, beginning with his first operational posting to Gutersloh Germany with the 26th Squadron, through to civilian life in the 1970’s. Initially I began scanning all the slides with the aim of transcribing the whole archive, however, it soon became apparent that this would involve scanning the slides on an industrial scale. As curator and designer, I made the decision to concentrate on transcribing the two boxes that covered Edward’s time as a young man joining the RAF as a pilot, moving through his career as test pilot and military transport pilot. The transcriptions end with Edward’s time as Wing Commander and pilot flying the Argosy and Beverly military transport planes out of Khormaksar airport, Aden the capital of the Yemen.Kharmaksor Airport aiden 73

Khormaksar, photograph from the Archives of Edward C. Rigg, granted with permission.