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Capturing the moment: John Kelly

    • My article, ’Capturing the moment’ has just been published in, The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, Volume 12: Issue 1-2.  The article accounts for the role of the graphic designer as a custodian of stories and their transcriptions into visual form. This is a mode of storying the self through the production of different graphic formats. Secondly, it will address the mixing of narratives from out of the archive: between the researcher as narrator and the archive source (in this case, Edward C. Rigg). Thirdly, the benefits of this project will consider how graphic design students engage with storytelling as a means to develop brand and content strategies. This approach examines the role of storytelling in type and image selection and its relevance within graphic design. The process will be analysed through the mechanisms of autoethnography, cultural analysis and the reinterpretation of oral, written and physical ephemera. The article argues that these are the building blocks for creating new narratives and design concepts.